15 Best Pants and Trouser Styles All Men Should Own


15 Best Pants and Trouser Styles All Men Should Own


15 Best Pants and Trouser Styles All Men Should Own

Let’s face it: When you get dressed, you probably choose your pants last. Pants never seem to be the focal point of an outfit. However, the truth is, they’re the foundation of every outfit. Pants are necessary to ground your look and tie it all together. But, many people are often confused by all the different types of men’s pants and how to style them in a complete outfit. Factor in which to wear for different occasions, and you’re likely to be lost.

There are about 15 types of types of men’s pants, and we know that deciphering their differences can be challenging. So, to make your life easier, here’s a breakdown of the 15 best types of pants for men. 


  • Dress pants

    Like the name suggests, dress pants are meant for dressing up. You can wear them to pretty much any type of event: formal, semi-formal, dressy, and professional. Since they’re so versatile, it’s arguably the most important type of pant to own. Invest in a classic pair in black, grey, or navy. 

    Dress pants are made with high-quality fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool, and usually come in a slim fit.

    Unlike a suit, you don’t have to wear a matching jacket with dress pants. Though the term ‘dress pants’ is used interchangeably with ‘slacks,’ slacks have a more casual feel. Dress pants should pretty much always be worn for fancier occasions with a button down shirt and dress shoes. 



    • Suit pants

      Suit pants are a type of dress pants made out of a lighter material. What makes a suit a suit is that the jacket and the pants match by being the same material. They’re typically bought together. Traditionally, suit pants are made of wool, but they also come in the following materials: cotton, linen, and polyester. Most Samuelsohn suits are 100% wool, with some 85% Wool 15% Silk, like the Blue Windowpane Wool Silk Suit

      There are also three different types of suit pants. 

      They are: 

      1. North American Suits
      2. Italian Suits
      3. British Suits 

        Italian Suits 

        • Tapered waists 
        • Slim finish 
        • Uses less padding and lighter materials 
        • Sits comfortably on hips 

        British Suits 

          • Tapered waist 
          • Generous legroom 
          • High-waisted with two or three pleats 
          • Many consider this type of pant more flattering than the American style 

          North American Suits 

            • Loose 
            • Boxy shape
            • Least amount of effort in design 
            • Straight cut, no pleats for a more fitted look 



            • Flat front casual trousers

              Most slacks nowadays have a flat front, meaning that the material lies flat in the front near the zipper. In other words, they have no pleats. Pleats have become associated with a more vintage men’s pant type. Many men are opting for flat front casual trousers for a younger, more modern look. Flat front trousers have a clean look that is flattering on the legs. 

              Samuelsohn has a wide selection of flat-front trousers, including the Black Flat Front Trousers, Grey Flat Front Trousers, and Navy Flat Front Trousers - Classic Fit

              • Wool trousers

                Wool trousers offer many benefits. They are soft, breathable, yet also warm, as wool is a thermal insulator that protects skin from cooler climate. Our wool trousers are made in Italy with a luxurious wool and silk mix, because elegance is our specialty. Shop the Tan Cotton Wool Silk Twill Trousers and the Blue Cotton Wool Silk Twill Trousers for a versatile summer pant. 


                • Linen trousers

                  Linen is the ultimate summer fabric. It’s an ancient, natural fibre that is more breathable than wool or cotton. It’s also longer-lasting, becoming softer with every wash. Going to a beach party, patio, or outdoor daytime wedding? Our Cream Linen Silk Twill Trousers is a perfect choice. 

                  • Seersucker pants

                    Samuelsohn carries three pairs of seersucker pants: The Blue Stripe Seersucker Stripe Pants, Tan Stripe Seersucker Pants, Grey Stripe Seersucker Stripe Pants. These classic seersucker tech trousers look great with loafers or soft neutral sneakers. The performance fabric is breathable with four-way stretch—truly designed for style and comfort.  

                    • Chinos

                      Chinos are a type of flat-front dress pants. They were traditionally made of chino, a cotton twill fabric developed in England during the 19th century. Today, chinos can be made of pure cotton or blended fabric, making them breathable and ideal for warmer weather. They’re lighter than suit pants, yet dressy enough for any event, whether it’s a business meeting, wedding, birthday party, or a date. Many people consider them a slightly dressier alternative to jeans that have a relaxed fit that looks great with everything. Chinos come in a variety of colors. Just don’t don’t buy black (you don’t want to be mistaken for a waiter). 

                      Fun fact: They were durable enough for the American military. Soldiers wore chinos onbase in the Philippines and continued to wear them when they returned from overseas. 


                      • Khakis

                        Like chinos, khakis have military origins. Khakis were born when British-Indian army members dyed cotton pants in mud, tea, and curry powder to camouflage themselves. However, unlike chinos, khakis are more practical, dressier, and have cleaner lines. Khakis usually come in a light tan, brown, green, or beige color with one standard-size pocket, if any. Khakis are thicker than the average pant. So, to dress up the outfit, tuck in your shirt, otherwise, they may look baggy.  

                        • Jeans

                          These pants need no introduction. The average American owns seven pairs of jeans, arguably making it the most popular type of men’s pant. Jeans are super versatile. Depending on how casual your workplace is, you might be able to dress them up enough for work. If not, they are the go-to casual pant that you can mix and mix and match with any outfit.  Dark wash denim with a baggier fit is currently the trendiest kind of jean in menswear.  


                          • Slim-fit trousers

                            Slim-fit trousers are basically the skinny jeans of pants. They are a tighter, tailored design. 

                            The leg opening is slightly smaller than the top part of the pant leg. This is because most legs are larger in the thigh area than ankle area. Slim fit pants get tighter from the knee down to form with your leg. Warning: They can get uncomfortable, so we don’t recommend sliding them on for long events.  

                            • Drawstring trousers

                              Drawstring trousers are the optimal comfort pant. They are the most casual type of men’s pants, best for working from home or a casual weekend outing. Our Midnight Blue Drawstring Pants are made from 100% ZQ Merino wool woven in Italy, and are breathable with natural stretch. Pair them alone with a plain white t-shirt or one of our seriously comfortable Knit Jackets

                              • Joggers 

                                Joggers are casual pants that have the shape of normal sweatpants, but with a tapered, elastic bottom. In addition, joggers don’t necessarily have to be made out of sweat material. They can be made of denim, cotton, jersey, or other fabrics. Joggers are functional and casual for days you want to look and feel laid back yet still stylish. But don’t be fooled by the name—joggers are not for jogging!. 

                                • Casual tech fabric pants

                                  If you’re looking for a travel pant, casual tech fabric pants are it for two reasons. The first is that they’re stretchy from spandex or elastane. The second is that they usually have extra deep pockets to hold all your belongings. We consider our Black Tech Pants to be an essential piece in any wardrobe. They’re comfortable performance pants with moisture-wicking properties and a hidden zipper pocket. 

                                  • Jersey knit 5-pocket pants

                                    The jersey knit 5-pocket pant is the sportiest pant we carry. We have a wide variety of 5-pocket pants. The “Elite-Tech” pants come in five colors: Stone "Elite-Tech" 5-Pocket Pants, Stone "Elite-Tech" 5-Pocket Pants, Tan "Elite-Tech" 5-Pocket Pants, Navy "Elite-Tech" 5-Pocket Pants, Charcoal "Elite-Tech" 5-Pocket Pants. They have a breathable four-way stretch and quick-dry material for style and comfort, so you can wear them on or off the golf course. 

                                    For a more modern fit, we also have the Moleskin Knit 5-Pocket Pants. They come in three colors: Navy Moleskin Knit 5-Pocket Pants, Grey Moleskin Knit 5-Pocket Pants, Olive Moleskin Knit 5-Pocket Pants. These pants are designed for movement. Plus, they’re good for work or play— they’re as comfortable as your favorite jeans but upscale enough to wear with a tailored jacket. 

                                    Visit a Samuelsohn store for made-to-measure pants

                                    If you’re looking for more inspiration and direction, feel free to pop into one of our locations. One of our staff members will gladly help you purchase a pair of pants.

                                    The truth is, the best pants are made to measure. Choose your pants and have them expertly fitted to perfection in any of our stores.

                                    Out of these 15 types of men’s pants, how many do you own?
                                    By Samuelsohn Ltd.